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Aviation Insurance: Times Have Changed

For those of you who have owned airplanes or have been in the general aviation industry for the past 15 years or more, you saw insurance premium rates skyrocket after the events of September 11, 2001. By 2006, insurance carriers built up significant reserves and profits. As a result of those positive financial returns, the aviation insurance market grew from 8 underwriting companies to approximately 19. As capacity increased, prices dropped and the softening cycle continually for more than a decade. As a result, a year ago, rates on many aircraft and general aviation risks were one third of what they were in 2006. In addition to lower rates, aircraft policies for owner-flown aircraft, for example, have been broader than ever before and include coverages that were once reserved for only the best, professionally flown aircraft risks. It’s been a classic supply vs. demand model. The soft aviation insurance market has been great for the consumer!


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aviation insurance hard market

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I'm a Good Pilot

Just Tell the Insurance Underwriter that I'm a Good Pilot

Just tell the underwriter I am a good pilot. Sounds like an easy enough request. If only insurance was really that easy. The truth is insurance is more complicated than that, and aviation insurance especially is dependent on the deeper details involved in each case individually.

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Watch Your Tongue

Watch Your Tongue

The general aviation industry is a fun, light-hearted place to work and hang out. Hanging around the hangar or FBO (fixed base operator) lobby is great. It is just fun sharing stories with fellow pilots and flirting with the counter girls. Woops! “Flirting with the counter girls.”



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Anticipate An Aircraft Insurance Claim

Anticipate An Aircraft Insurance Claim

"I don't need aviation insurance because I have been flying for thirty years and have never put so much as a scratch on an aircraft." It's human nature. We all have had the thought of "it can't happen to me". It would probably surprise most...



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cancelling aviation insurance policy

Canceling Your Aviation Insurance Policy Midterm

Are you thinking about canceling your aviation insurance? Maybe you are no longer to fly your aircraft. Perhaps you have sold your plane, and insurance is no longer needed. Maybe you have acquired insurance from another provider.

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aviation accident vs claim

Aviation Accident vs. Insurance Claim

So, you done your research with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and you have picked out a nice aircraft but wait the insurance companies are now telling you it is not a favorable aircraft to insure.


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aircraft owners associations

Aircraft Owners Associations

As a member or guest of the various Aircraft Owners Associations, including the Citation Jet pilots, TBM owners, Mitsubishi MU2 owners, and Aerostar owners and others; we frequently attended their meetings each year.


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assessing insurability

Assessing Insurability

Many aviators have worked hard throughout their lives continually learning and training to be their very best. With this work, many have taken on an air or pride when it comes to discussing their flight history, training, health, etc.

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help your aviation insurance agent

Help Agent Help You

Would you like to get the best possible aircraft insurance coverage for the best possible rate? If so the question then comes how to get the best possible rate and coverage for your needs?


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shopping aviation insurance

Shopping Aviation Insurance

You are thinking maybe it is time to re-shop the market to determine if the aviation insurance you currently have is the best fit for your needs at the most cost effective rate.


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Approved Pilot
vs. Named Insured

There are many gaps in coverage that can occur if you are not properly mentioned in your aircraft insurance policy.

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How are rates determined

Understanding how rates are determined will help you understand what factors can and can not be adjusted to get the best insurance premium.

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balancing insurance

Finding Balance

In evaluating the risks involved with aviation, consider taking time to really think about what you need. Not taking full consideration is a path to trouble and unnecessary costs.

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airplane accident

How Much Is Enough

The common misconception seems to be that we should purchase just enough to cover the deductible set forth on the current policy.

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Finding The Hover Button

I heard the instructor pilot’s voice over my headset, “Okay, you have the controls.” Are you crazy, I remember thinking to myself?

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ice on plane

Ice and Airplanes

Aviation magazines, FAA flyers, safety programs and recurrent training instructors are placing emphasis on “ICE” and “AIRPLANES”.

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