Your Annual Training Requirement, Is It Every 12 Months or Every 365 Days?

By Thomas H. Chappell

If you are flying a turboprop, a jet, or a cabin-class, piston twin aircraft, your underwriter will require some kind of annual training. Have you reviewed your policy closely? Exactly when does the policy say you must have received your recurrency training? Don’t assume anything.

Some policies will say “that the pilot must successfully complete ground and flight training in the make and model at an aviation manager approved school within 12 months preceding the intended flight.” This wording would lead you to believe that the training must be completed within a 12 month period or 365 days prior to the flight involved.

Other policies state that “each pilot must have successfully completed the manufacturer’s ground and flight training school or, a ground and flight training program approved by us, in the same make and model aircraft being flown, within the 12 calendar months preceding the flight involved.” The difference in the two is the word calendar. This wording is more like the FARs and would lead you to believe that the flight training must be completed by the end of the month in which the flight occurs.

Without the specific policy definition, however, either phrase seems to be a bit unclear. If annual training is not completed prior to the flight involved, my recommendation to my clients is to notify the underwriter and request specific approval for an extension on this deadline. Unless the extension request is exorbitant, most underwriters are very willing to accommodate the operator’s schedule. This is easily accomplished, especially if a specific training date can be defined.

Whenever policy wording is unclear, a simple e-mail to the underwriter can remove all uncertainty and provide us with a paper trail confirming an understanding or meeting of the minds.

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