Cessna 172. Is annual recurrent training necessary to comply with underwriting requirements?

Small, light, single-engine aircraft under 200Hp with less than six seats usually are considered primary trainers. Most underwriters do not require annual training on these aircraft. This does not mean that an occasional refresher is not advisable. If you are training just to satisfy the underwriter, your priorities may be wrong.

It is all about attitude, you know. If you enter any negotiation with an arrogant attitude, you will not fare as well as if you have a cooperative, friendly, professional spirit. In the South, we have a saying “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. Why do I even bring this point to your attention?

Don’t forget the FAA Wings Program. You may have one in your area. This is an excellent opportunity for the light aircraft owner to get an annual flight check without extreme cost. Many underwriters recognize and recommend the FAA Wings Program.


I don’t want to go to the big simulator schools for annual training. It is too expensive, too far away, and takes too long. I have a local CFI who is very good. Can he give me my annual training? The probable answer is no, and training needs depend on the type of aircraft you fly. With larger aircraft or high performance aircraft, many underwriters require annual simulator training. Smaller, less sophisticated aircraft may not require simulator-based training but may require a formal school. Most insurance companies have a list of approved training facilities for each make and model of aircraft. Your local CFI is probably not on the underwriter’s approved list. This does not mean the local guy does not do a good job; he simply has not formalized his school and submitted the necessary information to the underwriting community to be recognized. In fact, many local instructors do not want to do the work necessary to obtain underwriter approval.

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