Aircraft Owners Associations

As a member or guest of the various Aircraft Owners Associations, including the Citation Jet pilots, TBM owners, Mitsubishi MU2 owners, and Aerostar owners and others; we frequently attended their meetings each year. CS&A Aviation Insurance works in an industry built on risk management, and we are always impressed with the efforts of these associations and the programs they present. So often we see groups of aircraft owners get together for social events, fun, camaraderie, and the mutual interests of the group. The aircraft owners associations that present these events and more are making it extremely beneficial to the owners who choose to participate.

Do you have questions about your aircraft? Are you a member of an Aircraft Owners Association or have you considered joining? If so, consider attending one of their events. These gatherings generate a lot of questions, and most related businesses and members are eager to help. From showing you what they did, why this was a good solution for their aircraft and what elements were key in their decision, these aircraft owners are passionate about their airplanes and love to share with others.

Of particular interest, apart from how to save money, information is often presented on how to safely lengthen the life of various components through the proper operation. Many aircraft owners find this of great value as they seek to safely reduce their cost of ownership and maintenance.

Example questions that are frequently asked are: How do you know when a component is getting ready to fail? What are the signs? What do you look for? If you see a system leak, what should you look for? Where do cracks develop? What fails the most, and what will cause this failure? For pilots and owners, this information serves as a valuable resource to get the most out of one’s aircraft investment.

Many Aircraft Owners Associations also have forums where you can ask questions and get answers from those who have the first-hand experience. From a risk management standpoint, this is the kind of information that is “priceless” to an owner.

Aircraft Owners Associations have a mutual interest as do their pilot and owner counterparts. Whether it be a Cessna Citation, Phenom, Embraer, TBM, Pilatus, Eclipse, Aerostar, Cirrus or Beech Bonanza, these organizations and individuals all are motivated to improve and protect the reputation of their aircraft. For this reason, they promote quality training and seek to help each other in their ownership experience.

We salute these associations for their continued emphasis on educating owners in operating and maintaining their aircraft with the knowledge that makes them safer.

You can be assured, those who attend the owners' conventions each year have been taught more about their airplane than most. These pilots and owners deserve our respect for going beyond the minimum standards and taking the high road in better understanding what directly affects their airplanes and the aviation industry as a whole.

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Author: CS&A Staff

Editor: Lewis Austin