Topics Of Interest

Approved Pilot
vs. Named Insured

There are many gaps in coverage that can occur if you are not properly mentioned in your aircraft insurance policy.

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How are rates determined

Understanding how rates are determined will help you understand what factors can and can not be adjusted to get the best insurance premium.

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balancing insurance

Finding Balance

In evaluating the risks involved with aviation, consider taking time to really think about what you need. Not taking full consideration is a path to trouble and unnecessary costs.

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airplane accident

How Much Is Enough

The common misconception seems to be that we should purchase just enough to cover the deductible set forth on the current policy.

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Finding The Hover Button

I heard the instructor pilot’s voice over my headset, “Okay, you have the controls.” Are you crazy, I remember thinking to myself?

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ice on plane

Ice and Airplanes

Aviation magazines, FAA flyers, safety programs and recurrent training instructors are placing emphasis on “ICE” and “AIRPLANES”.

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