Haley Faulkner

Phone: (615) 435-8306 | Fax: (615) 435-8326

Haley Faulkner is the Executive Coordinator and Account Manager in the Aviation Division for Christopher J. Turnbull. She began her career with Chappell, Smith & Associates in their Accounting Department as an Accounting Assistant in October 2011 where she worked for a brief time before transitioning to the Aviation Division and becoming an Executive Coordinator and Account Manager for Christopher J. Turnbull, President of the Aviation Division and Chief Financial Officer. Over the last few years, Haley has been a part of the CS&A Future Leaders Board of Directors as well as assisted on various projects for the company. Haley holds a double Bachelors in Business Administration and Accounting from Middle Tennessee State University.

Areas of Expertise:
- Aircraft Insurance
- Aviation Insurance


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