FAA Waivers, are you covered?

Often aircraft fall out of the FAA standard airworthiness category. They could be simply out of annual and therefore no longer considered a standard airworthy aircraft. They may have been in maintenance and need to be repositioned to another maintenance facility for additional work before being signed off as airworthy. They could have been involved in an accident or incident resulting in damage requiring repair. Prior to returning the aircraft to an airworthy status a test flight might be required. There are a multitude of things that could give cause for a special airworthiness waiver allowing a test flight or a repositioning flight.

Will the insurance company cover such a flight? Many insurance policies require the insured aircraft to carry a standard airworthiness certificate. Some companies only require that the aircraft be manufactured under a standard airworthiness certificate. But how do you know without reading your policy? The answer is to err on the side of caution and put your underwriter on notice before the test or repositioning flight is flown. In this case, it is better to ask for permission than to plead for forgiveness after the loss.

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