Fact or Myth: Don’t worry. The FBO has insurance.

Let’s assume that you have not waived your rights by contract when signing a maintenance agreement. Let’s suppose that honorable people own your maintenance facility. You assume they are good business people and carry adequate insurance. We know they should carry hangarkeepers insurance in case they damage your aircraft. They should also insure for products liability should they make a mistake repairing your aircraft and that mistake results in an accident. But, how do you know for sure. Maybe your supposition is incorrect. Maybe they carry inadequate limits of these liability coverages. Times have been tough for all businesses for the past few years. We have seen many aviation businesses drop the more expensive coverages all together.

re you comfortable assuming the people you are dealing with will do the right thing? How can you know for sure if the maintenance facility that you have chosen to work on your aircraft is adequately insured? Ask for a certificate of insurance which will state their limits of liability coverage, the lines of coverage (hangarkeepers, products liability), the expiration date, and the insurance company through which the coverage is written. It has been my experience that most aircraft owners do not request evidence of insurance before the maintenance facility takes their aircraft into its care. As a result, you may get a bit of a pushback but you are entitled to this information. A certificate costs the FBO nothing and can be furnished in short order by the responsible insurance carrier. Any real hesitation in complying with your request could be interpreted that inadequate insurance is in place.

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