Team Concept


The Team Concept lies at the heart of the agency’s pledge to make customer service its primary goal. Agency size and diversity provide the foundation upon which the concept rests. All niche-based insurance agencies tend to develop “tunnel vision” when handling their clients’ insurance programs. Agents are most comfortable when they are dealing exclusively with their niche insurance products and programs. But clients should be able to choose from a wide range of products and services in order to have their needs fulfilled.

Whether serving the aviation industry or any other general property and casualty-based business, a broad spectrum of skills and products is necessary to build the client’s total insurance portfolio.

Unlike other specialty agencies, CS&A Insurance has the resources to provide a complete insurance portfolio. From aviation to property and casualty products to life and employee benefits, CS&A has both the products and the skill to meet the needs of the client.

Client Needs

No one can be an expert in everything. In this complicated and litigious world we live in today, a generalist in insurance doesn’t have the time to read and study the nuances of each industry. A generalist cannot know all that is necessary about group health insurance and be competent to discuss commercial auto or aviation coverage.

The Team Concept is the proven method CS&A uses to assure the client has a proper guide through each facet of risk management.


Product Availability in the Niche

Because of our size, CS&A has broad insurance market coverage. In the Aviation Division, for example, CS&A represents every domestic general aviation insurance underwriting facility in the United States.

Clients can purchase all of their insurance from one agency while enjoying the benefits of team specialization. This Team Concept ensures that all product options and coverage are thoroughly marketed to the appropriate group of insurance companies.

The Team

Each team begins with a senior staff member who serves as the team leader and meets with the client to determine the coverage areas needed. Based on those findings, the team leader pulls together a group of agency specialists to assist in the development of a specialized insurance program. This approach ensures a complete coverage package and competitive rates.

The Plan

The team prepares a risk management and insurance plan for the customer. Teamwork minimizes coverage gaps and redundancy. Professional underwriting contacts enable the team to facilitate a close relationship between the client and the insurance community.