Aviation Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance (Work Comp) is designed to pay for an employee’s job related statutory medical and/or death benefits specific to those states where the employee is domiciled or working. Each policy also includes a section that provides a limit of Employer’s Liability.

Businesses that operate aircraft either for corporate or commercial use or are in the business of repairing or servicing aircraft, often find it difficult to find an underwriter willing to accept the exposures inherent to our world of general aviation. Some find the only place to buy Work Comp is the state’s Assigned Risk Pool. Here, you may find rates to be higher and coverage such as “all states endorsement” or “foreign voluntary comp” to be unavailable.

This is when a specialist like CS&A Aviation Insurance can help. We have Workers Compensation underwriters who enthusiastically compete for aviation compensation accounts. You will qualify for standard or preferred rates and will avoid the difficulties of assigned risk placements.

How Can I Control the cost of Workers Compensation Insurance?

Call us, we will provide you a 10 point plan to control and manage your Workers Compensation insurance program. We will help you understand how the comp experience modifier is calculated and how the underwriters predicate the premiums you will pay.